Felix van den Bergh

Felix van den Bergh

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First Name * Felix
Last Name * van den Bergh
Username * Catfood
Country * Netherlands
Languages English





I'm Felix van den Bergh, 19 years old, currently working at Guerrilla Games as junior environment artist.

I started using Photoshop when I was 11, never used it much till i started texturing for game art. When I turned 13 I got an old copy of 3Dsmax for my birthday, I did alot of moddeling, teaching myself the basics of 3D.

I discovered the "Hammer" level editor after i played Half-Life 1 on the PC. I liked the fact that I could walk through my 3D levels. This is when I first thought about becoming an level or environment artist.
I made alot of maps, props and textures. I switched from the old HL1 to the new Half-Life 2 and its engine; "Source".

For my school internship I had the oppertunity to solicitate at Guerrilla. Now that my internship is over, i've barricaded myself in the office and im not leaving till the fat lady sings.